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My Karate Odyssey is, accomplished karate instructor, Hoosain Narker’s six months journey across North & Central America with his karate suit, backpack & laptop as travelling companions.

The author starts off with a background of how his spirit was developed under the harsh “Apartheid” regime in South Africa. This spirit gave rise to his quest to undertake a six month journey across North and Central America by road. During this time period, in which he travelled a total of 48 000 miles (78 000km), he faced many adversities - a bus crash, travel pass declared invalid, visa hassles, language difficulties, the longing for home, different food, lack of finance, etc. Despite all this he persevered.

Throughout the book, he writes about the many places he had visited, the training at the many dojo and the impressions created. He managed to successfully compete in two events - a full contact, no pads challenge and a Taekwondo Hanmadang. The Journal includes profiles of about 70 of the instructors he had met and trained with as well as a technique section.

“My Karate Odyssey” is now available for purchasing.

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My Karate Odyssey

Kaicho Hoosain Narker’s
My Karate Odyssey is now available read more ...