Operations Manual

Operations Manual
140 pages in total


Ashihara Karate International
About Kaicho Hoosain Narker

1. Introduction .
a. Features vs Benefits
b. Obligation to your style and community
c. What's the value of:
Self esteem/Self Confidence/Physical Fitness/Self Discipline
Dispelling a Myth

2. Want to have a highly successful school? .
Winning the Game: Your strategic Marketing Plan
State your Objective
Situation Analysis
Target Market
Marketing Mix
Success is a Process: Prepare
Pay Attention
Planning for Success in the New Year
Definition of what is a successful school
Four Ways to Align Yourself with Success

3. Business Plan
a. Demographics and target market
b. Corporate Image
c. Mission Statement
d. Student Value
e. Charging the right price - perceived value
f. Location

4. Opening a School -
What is needed?
School Layout
How to negotiate with a Landlord
Questions concerning the opening of a school
To Inc or not to Inc.?

Financing your Business
Five Job Duties as a School Owner
Promote Your School
Train your Staff
Manage Your Cash
Learn Your Job

5. Marketing
What is Marketing
a. Paid Advertising
Door hangers/Posters
Web Site
Sign Board/ Bill Boards
Car Signage
Yellow Pages/Other Directories
Lead Boxes/Drop Boxes
Back to School campaign
What's in a great advertisement

b. Public Relations
Press Releases
Community Events
Create a Media Contact List
Free/Charity Self Defence Seminars
Benefit Tournaments

c. In-House Promotions
Guest Passes
Coupon Books
Karate Bucks
Buddy Nights
Birthday Parties
School Parties
After-school Program
School Outings
VIP Contest
Enrollment Drive
PTA Flyer
Connecting with your students by email
Using Email to generate new students
Oops Letter
Family Membership Sale
Planning an Open House Event

d. Other Promotions .
Bumper Stickers/T-shirts/Track Suits
Badges/Patches/Head Bands

e. Direct Response
Psycho Graphics
Starting from Scratch

f. Trial and Error + Persistence = Successful Marketing

g. 10 Low Cost Marketing Ideas
The 7 Steps of getting New Students

6. Day to Day Operations
a. The Phone Call/Keeping track of phone advertising
b. The Walk-In
c. The Tour
d. Communication
e. The Registration Conference
f. Merchandise
g. Statistics/How to keep Statistics

7. Business Growth
Ideas for Motivating your staff
Staff Compensation
Evaluating Employees
What is a Student Worth to You?
10 Customer Service Goals to strive for and to implement at your School

8. Retention
a. Teaching Style
b. Value Added Service
c. Customer Service
d. Why Students Quit
e. Another example of Why Students Quit
f. A market survey to determine why students quit
g. Help Lost Students find their way back
h. Steps to Increase Beginners Retention

9. Building an Organisation

10. Conclusion
Nine Elements for running the Martial Arts

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News Coverage
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