Teaching Manual

Teaching Manual
98 pages in total


Special Note
Standards of Conduct Required

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Teaching Style
Training New Instructors: Where to start
The Multi-faceted role of the Instructor
The Role of the Instructor
Definition of an Instructor
Over-all role of the Instructor
Technical skills
Personal skills
Communication skills
Interpersonal skills
Management skills

Introduction to the Systems Approach to Training
Skill Teaching and Learning
The Systematic Approach
Conditions to Maximise Learning
The Lesson Plan
Planning the Lesson
Checklist for Instructors
Why people do not participate
Benefits there might be from Participating
The key role of the instructor
Starting the session
Building the session
Giving instruction
Trouble spots
Getting it together
Ending the session
Instructional Objectives
Basic Skills
Training Periodisation
The Introductory Course -Learning how to fight
Learning Modalities
Teaching the Learning Disabled
Further examples of Learning Difference
Nervous or under confident student
Over-confident or conceited student
Forget-ful-of-instruction student
Inconsistent student
Slow-starter student
Fast-starter student
Immature student
Which type of Learner are You?
Why students get bored
Help your students train smarter
Eliminating Teacher Bias
4 Ways to improve yourself as a Teacher
Teaching Children
Make kids class (and even adults) FUN!
Fun Drills and Games
Pointers when teaching fitness to children
About Self Esteem
Teaching Self Discipline
Why Students Study?
16 Ways to be a Smarter Teacher

Are you a first in first-aid?
First Aid
Sports Injury Terminology
Strains, Sprains & Dislocations
Flexibility & Stretching
Muscle Fibre
The Musculo-skeletal System
Muscle Composition
How Muscles Contract
Warming up and Cooling Down

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News Coverage
Recommended Reading
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