Tournament Planning Manual

Tournament Planning Manual
85 pages in total


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Planning a Karate Tournament
Outline of a tournament
     : Advanced Planning
     : Check Local Activities
     : Check Local Authorities
     : Consider Weather
Selection of the Location
Preparing the Venue
Program for the Public
Registration of the Contestants
Ticket Sales
Public Relations
Tournament Day

Appendix 1 - Pre Invitation Letter
Appendix 2 - Detailed Invitation Letter
                 : Format
                 : Code of Conduct
                 : Semi Contact Rules
                 : Full Contact Rules
                 : Sparring Entry Form
                 : Kata Entry Form
                 : Total Entry Form
                 : Sabaki Fighter Questionnaire
                 : Sabaki Medical Questionnaire
Appendix 3 - Letter Requesting use of Mats
Appendix 4 - Letter Requesting First Aid Service
Appendix 5 - Letter Requesting support of Parents in selling tickets
Appendix 6 - Letter Inviting Honoured Guests
Appendix 7 - Letter Requesting Television Coverage
Appendix 8 - Letter Requesting Sponsorship
Appendix 9 - Sample Budget for Income and Expenditure
Appendix 10 - Advertising Contract
Appendix 11 - Sample News Cover Articles
Appendix 12 - Sample Tournament Poster
Appendix 13 - Sample Tournament Ticket
Appendix 14 - Sample Kumite Draw Sheet
Appendix 15 - Sample Kata Draw Sheet

Pointers pertaining to draw sheets (kumite)
Knock-out tournaments
Plate events
The working of a knock-out tournament
Seeding or ratings
Pool-system tournaments
Pointers pertaining to draw sheets (kata)

Appendix 16 - Sample Injury Record Sheet

Why have an Injury Record Sheet?

Appendix 17 - Sample Hall Layout Format
Appendix 18 - Twenty (20) Week Countdown Table
Appendix 19 - Checklists for championships, tournaments and courses

Pointers to the Check List
Things to do in a Nutshell
Bidding for a Championships
Table Official Duties

Appendix 20 - Letter Thanking Sponsors
Appendix 21 - Letter Thanking Officials
Appendix 22 - Letter Thanking Participating Sensei

Photo Page
News Coverage
Recommended Reading
Awaiting Publication

** This manual was used to successfully implement the 8th SKIF (Shotokan Karate International Federation - Kanazawa Ryu) World Championships in 2003 as well as the 2010 30th Anniversary Ashihara Karate World Cup

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